Yves Saint Laurent

Branding / Interior architecture

Brand image and interior architecture for Yves Saint Laurent in Le Marais, Paris.

The brand image and interior space were designed based on the idea of women’s femininity. This was done from the perspective of it being a very delicate, beautiful thing that the woman hides under layers. It comes from the idea of women needing to be strong in our times and therefore keeping their real fragility in their intimacy. Yves Saint Laurent offers the woman an identity to freely enjoy this femininity.

This idea is reflected in the brand image and in the design of the boutique space. It relates to the layout a house would have, referring to the idea of different layers of privacy to arrive to the intimate space. The outside signage is very subtle and the entrance is like a living room where the cashier and accessories are sold. Walking in, the garments are placed in different modules that simulate walking closets, like there would be when walking further into a house. The lighting in this frontal part of the boutique is quite dark, focused on the clothes and accessories.

The back of the building is reserved for fitting rooms and a special room meant only for mirrors. These spaces are light and filled with flowers which speak of the core of this femininity where the woman can be herself and enjoy her beauty through the Yves Saint Laurent garments.