Thousand languages of children

Product design

Toys are meant to help children discover the world through play in their first years of life. These can show very different visions of the world depending on the intention behind them. Most of them are meant to help children develop a certain skill or to teach them how certain things are called or look like.

‘Thousand languages of children’ is based on the Reggio Emilia educational approach in which the main intention is to help the child develop his own language. It is based on the idea that children have many different ways of expressing themselves and in the first years of life it is important to help them develop and strengthen their own ways instead of trying to define these for them.

These toys are meant to offer the children a suggestion of shapes which coming together can create other shapes. The ambiguity of the shape is important because is invites the child to decide for himself what the shape is, it is meant to strengthen his imagination and his own way of seeing things.

This skill, together with others is of fundamental importance in order to raise children who will become confident adults capable of creatively solving problems.

These toys work with an interactive mat which offers, with different softwares, different games for the same toys.