Ruilbank Amsterdam

Public space installation

Ruilbank Amsterdam - take, read, share - is a design intervention for Amsterdam public benches who seeks to connect people through the sharing of reading material.

Ruilbank seeks to encourage social interaction and cultural exchange in public space using Amsterdam's typical wooden benches. For this we have designed a special "clip" that goes clamped to the existing benches and allows people to attach or place newspapers, books and things for other people to pick up and share again, thus creating an exchange cycle. The idea follows the custom of people leaving newspapers in trains for other people to read, then it's extended into public space and coupled with a online platform, social media communication and the participation of partners that bring added value to the system getting in return an special presence through the project.

The main objective of the Ruilbank is to create new links among citizens through sharing reading material placed on public benches. It is part of our perspective of how certain social issues (like social cohesion) can be dealt with through design projects.

During the pilot period - 28th July to 28th Sept- diverse reading material has been placed in each of the benches, according to the location they are in. The public’s reaction has been documented through video, photography and interviews and is being diffused through both our and our partners communication channels.

The project was self-initiatiated by Pivot design studio (J. Subero and P. Colchero) working together with:

Stadsdelen Oost, Zuid & West.
Stichting DOEN
Het Parool
Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam OBA
GUP Magazine (Guide to Unique Photography)
Uitgeverij Bas Lubberhuizen
Bookcrossers NL

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