Textile design, Public space

The Futurotextiles 2012 CETI prize - High Technology in textile innovation was awarded to the project "LOOP" created by Pivot Creative (J. Subero and P. Colchero)

LOOP is a seat that reinvents the notion of urban furniture with a light and surprising presence. A long strip of textile that passes through a support ring creating loops that act as seating, it is meant to strengthen social and physical connections in public areas adapting to the existing infrastructure of the city.

The introduction of a textile object in the urban space is rather special. It is this unusual aspect which gives the space a flexible character, usually associated with interior spaces. Currently textiles are rarely used in public spaces: the materials generally employed are hard and cold, typically associated with the durability and resistance required. Thanks to the possibilities which new textile technologies offer, options which have never been used before can now be explored .

The structure of this project remains simple in form and construction. The band is one single strip of fabric that passes through the ring several times, thus allowing seating for one or two people. The whole structure is fixed a the top, anchoring the ring so that it is safe to sit. Individual users or groups can then enjoy and relax. In addition to the fun aspect of LOOP, this suspended seat also provides a kind of boundary between the person sitting and the environment; the option of retiring from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The first prototypes of Loop were developed in collaboration with local industry from Comines, FR. This was a wonderful opportunity to connect the idea with the french textile industry.

The international judging panel of the FUTUROTEXTILES AWARDS headed by the designers Matali Crasset and Fréderic Ruyant, reached an unanimous decision to award LOOP the professional CETI High Technology in Textile Innovation prize. Praising the strong potential of this project and the fitting use that could be highlighted in places such as the Euralille tertiary sector.