Picnic for
Air France

Product design, Branding

In-flight meal set
First prize winner of the 2010 Air France KLM meal tray design competition The identity of the company was communicated through the idea of the picnic, very common in french culture. This also offered a more fluid, adaptable experience for the passenger not limiting him to the structure of a meal at a dinner table in such a reduced space. We created one tower of stackable plates for the cold food and one hot plate. The plates can be organized depending on the needs of the user.

We kept in mind that the large amount of waste produced daily by airplane meals and the fact that this issue needs to be dealt with in some way. We therefore avoided practically all disposable lids by using the stacking as a way of covering plates. Also, in terms of the amount of space used to stack the meals, the picnic towers allows the storage of twice the amount of meals in the same space. This meant half the amount of trolleys used, considerably reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency.

The project was awarded the first prize of the design competition on July 2010 and was meant to be produced as a limited edition.

In collaboration with Sabine Marcelis